Fieldcraft is fun! And it’s certainly one of the most popular activities on 346 (Tynemouth) Squadron’s training programme.

It’s a chance to dress in ‘greens’ (camouflage, also known as ‘cabbage kit’), go outdoors, perhaps get muddy, and, depending on the activity, maybe even don some camo cream.

Fun as it is, there is a serious point to fieldcraft, however. Offered to all cadets, it helps to develop personal skills, knowledge and leadership across a wide range of activities that directly relate to working and living in a field environment.

Things start off simple. You will learn how not to be seen, as well as how to move and communicate silently. You will take part in leadership tasks that may involve a scenario or an objective, such as locating a ‘downed pilot’ or working together to safely navigate shark-infested waters!

You will also learn how to construct a shelter, navigate, cook ration packs in the field, and personal administration skills.

Think of it as a small taste of what it would be like if you were to actually be ‘deployed’.