Flying & Gliding

We do some fantastic things in the Air Cadets, and the chance to take to the skies is just one of them.

For a teenager there aren’t many opportunities to get off the ground in an aircraft unless you’re heading off on holiday. All that could change, simply by joining the Air Cadets. Once enrolled as a Cadet, you can take-off on lots of new high-flying adventures.

Here at 346 (Tynemouth) Squadron we encourage all of our Cadets to take the opportunity to go Flying and Gliding at one of our dedicated Volunteer Gliding Schools or Air Experience Flying Centres. You will be guiding by experienced pilots and have the opportunity to develop your skills, with some of our Cadets even being given the opportunity to obtain Flying Scholarships and even fly solo.

Apart from air experience flying and gliding, Cadets have been given the chance to fly high as a passenger in a light aircraft and even one of the RAF’s fast jets or a Chinook helicopter.


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