All cadets are required to wear uniform, all uniform we receive comes directly from our parent station at RAF Boulmer and as such belongs to the Royal Air Force. Your uniform will be issued by the squadron Stores Officers who currently are CI Turner and Sgt Panvalkar.


All new joiners wear coveralls for the first couple of weeks to keep your civilian clothing clean and tidy until we get you kitted out with your uniform.










No.2C – Working Blues / Version 1

Working blue uniform is what you will wear most cadet nights as is a hard wearing material designed to allow you to do most activities without worrying about damaging your uniform. This particular version is only during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer and we don’t need to wear jumpers.







No.2C – Working Blues / Version 2

During the winter months all cadets will wear jumpers as well as their shirts which provide adequate warmth so you can carry on with your cadet activities. Female cadet have the option to wear either a skirt or trousers throughout the year.








No.2A Wedgewood Blue – Official Duties

The Wedgewood blue uniform is only to be worn for what we would describe as official duties such as the as the Battle of Britain or Remembrance Day parades held every year or at presentations such as the annual Poppy appeal award ceremony to celebrate all the cadets hard work selling poppies in the run up to remembrance day.







No.3 / CS95 – MTP

No.3 uniform or more commonly known as greens are used for activities such as fieldcraft and shooting. The uniform is split into two types, CS95 is the green and brown pattern camouflage print shown on the left used by all UK armed forces up until the late 2010’s. The second is known as MTP or Multi Terrain Pattern which is the current camouflage uniform used by the armed forces.

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