Music has always played an important part in military life from the earliest days.

Why? Because music instils a sense of pride, keeps up morale and is also entertaining.

It’s no different now. The band is a popular cadet activity. And you don’t have to be an accomplished musician to play your part.

In fact, even if you have no prior musical experience you are welcome to join the band as we’ll teach you to play an instrument. It’s just a matter of finding out which one you might have a talent for playing.

There are plenty to choose from:

• Bugle
• Cymbals
• Bass drum
• Side drum
• Cornets
• Trombones
• Trumpets
• Saxaphones
• Basses

346 (Tynemouth) Squadron’s band has a long and proud history. Our bandsmen and women have won many competitions over the years and we are regularly called upon to help lead parades and play at prestigious events like Remembrance Day.

Those who show real talent have even been asked to play at wing and even regional level.

Ultimately, you could even join the Air Cadet Organisation’s National Concert Band.

You could also turn this fun experience into a formal qualification as it’s possible to get a BTEC in music.

But on an everyday level being a part of the band gives you a chance to learn a fantastic new skill, make lots of new friends and get out and about in the community we serve as we are often asked to go into schools or play at fairs and fetes.

So if you have a flair for music or just fancy giving it a try we’d be happy to welcome you into our band.


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